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Energy efficiency initiatives a priority at St Paul’s

Date: June 1, 2017

Solar panels have recently been installed at St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School as part of the School’s efforts to become more environmentally sustainable within the local community.

The School has been focusing on the importance of energy efficiency initiatives and solar systems have been installed at both the junior and secondary schools at the Traralgon Campus.

With the assistance of consultancy firm AgVet Energy, Cherry Energy Solutions is combining an LED lighting upgrade with the installation of the two solar systems.  In total, more than 350 old light fittings are being replaced with a range of LED lights.

A total of 108 solar panels have been installed at the Junior School to generate 28kW of power and 114 solar panels at the Secondary School to generate 29kW of power.

It is now estimated the school will save more than 119,000 kWh per annum which is equivalent to 157,000 kg CO2 or taking 33 cars off the road.

In a normal school day, these changes are expected to see a 25 per cent reduction in electricity usage for the Traralgon Campus.