St Paul's News

Further initiatives in energy efficiency

Date: September 4, 2017

Solar panels have recently been installed at St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School’s Warragul and Traralgon Campuses as part of the School’s efforts to become more environmentally sustainable within the local community.

St Paul’s is endeavouring to become more environmentally sustainable by focusing on the importance of energy efficiency initiatives and the solar system installation has been completed on buildings at both Traralgon Junior and Secondary School along with the Warragul Secondary School.

The school is now saving more than 289,711 kWh per annum which is the equivalent of more than 379,033 kg CO2 or taking 80 cars off the road! The installation of touch screen monitors across both campuses will significantly increase awareness of sustainability measures across the entire school community.

After the success of the project, another 50kW solar system is planned to be installed at the Warragul Junior School further reducing the school’s reliance on grid-power. When all systems are installed, the School will be officially registered as a ‘Power Generator’.

Panel Layout 4 (2) Panel Layout 1 (2) Panel Layout 3