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St Paul’s VCE results 2019

Date: December 12, 2019

The 2019 Dux of St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School wishes to remain anonymous.  The highest ATAR scored was 99.5.  Sarah Blyth of Warragul South scored 98.95. Close behind her were Annie Guo of Moe on 98.5, Lachlan Martino of Traralgon on 98.25 and Kaveesha Jayasuriya of Traralgon on 98.15.

Other very high achievers included:  Finn Colman of Traralgon on 97.7, Georgia Hughes of Traralgon on 97.65, Macy Austin of Glengarry on 95.95, Cleo Seinen of Drouin on 95.8, Lydia Reiske of Yinnar on 95.6, Paige Blyth of Warragul South on 95.45, Emma Wong of Yarragon South on 94.9, Claire Coots of Trafalgar on 94.85, Jonathan Charles of Warragul on 94.75, Chloe Majstorovic of Yarragon on 94.65, Sara Jovanovic of Berwick on 94.3, Samuel Schreyer of Warragul on 93.35, Sienna Vanderzalm of Warragul on 93.15, Ella Attard of Neerim East on 92.35, Kelsey Hollier of Yarragon on 91.85, Alexandra Elder-Hackford of Warragul on 91.15 and Lucy Hill of Berwick on 90.5.

Amongst the year level are a number of inspiring success stories from students whose hard work and perseverance has enabled them to exceed their own expectations.  There are several examples of students who, with support, have triumphed over health and personal hardships to achieve impressive results.

In all 11% of students achieved an ATAR over 95 and 22% of students achieved an ATAR over 90.

The percentage of students who achieved an ATAR of over 80 was an impressive 48%, placing them in the top 20% of the state. 85% of students achieved an ATAR over 50.

This year’s cohort plan to study a diverse range of courses from medicine and engineering to fashion design and fine arts.

The next few weeks will be an exciting time for students who now await offers of places at a range of university and TAFE institutions, seek employment or travel overseas.