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St Paul’s announces VCE in Traralgon and a new Campus in Drouin

Date: October 16, 2020

We are pleased to confirm the announcement of two very exciting developments for St Paul’s.

VCE at the Traralgon Campus.
Following the 2019/2020 feasibility study of potential school expansion, St Paul’s will open a VCE Campus with Year 11 and 12 at Traralgon.

This is an exciting and historic decision, and will mean that we can offer a quality, independent VCE in the Valley. This cannot happen immediately, however, so we plan to commence with our first Year 11 students in 2026, who are students currently in Year 5.

In preparation for the expected growth that our Traralgon VCE announcement will generate, and to equip us with the facilities needed for VCE, we will be embarking on a staged building program of state-of-the art secondary facilities. Commencing with Stage 1 in 2022, this building will be a signature statement for the Traralgon campus, the new combined entry point of the school for both Junior and Secondary. It will be known as the Futures Centre: a striking double storey building with a grand entry and reception area, outstanding performing arts facilities, a modern secondary library adjoining a large spacious open cafeteria, community hub, student commons, staff commons and conference rooms – both large and small.

New Drouin Campus
St Paul’s is also planning to establish a Junior School campus in Drouin commencing with the early years in 2024. The new campus will be situated on a prime site of 36 acres which has been generously gifted to the School. The land is situated on the Melbourne side of Drouin, in close proximity to the M1, with construction expected to take place in 2023.

It’s certainly exciting times ahead for St Paul’s.

For further information please contact Ashley Kershaw on akershaw@stpaulsags.vic.edu.au or phone 03 5623 5833.