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Ella’s cookbook an inspiration to St Paul’s students

Date: May 2, 2022

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School Year 10 student, Ella May, recently launched her new cookbook “Ella May’s Cookbook” to students and staff in the school’s library.

Ella developed, wrote and released her own cookbook as part of her Year 9 Personal Project while in isolation in and launched her book in front of the Year 6 cohort with assistance from Year 6 Library Leaders.

She shared some of her personal background and inspiration for the project before explaining the entire book-making process, from recipe selection to photo editing and publication.

Ella was eager to answer questions from the students about the challenges she had while producing the book, the recipes themselves, and her plans for future publication.

Jannet Taylor, the Head of Libraries at St Paul’s, is proud of Ella’s accomplishment. “Ella’s presentation to students was fascinating and engaging”, she said. “Her cookbook is bound to be popular in our library with an extensive waiting list of students who are looking forward to reading it.”

Ella May is also the school’s Library Captain and is already actively pursuing her potential in the publishing sector.