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A New School for Drouin

Be a part of the exciting St Paul’s journey in Drouin

Commencing in 2024, our Early Learning Centre and Primary School will offer Kindergarten through to Year 2. We will create a place to encourage meaningful connections, with a focus on celebrating the outstanding learning environment at St Paul’s.

Enrolments are now open for Kindergarten (3-Year-Old and 4-Year-Old programs) through to Year 2 and Expressions of Interest are encouraged from Years 3 through to Year 6. As the school develops, we will grow annually to reach Year 6.

Subject to a town planning permit, our campus will be located on a beautiful elevated thirty-six acre site close to the M1 freeway entrance on the Melbourne side of Drouin.

The school’s striking design will create a vibrant, contemporary learning environment and a welcoming place for the growing Drouin community. Designed to nestle into the north facing slope, our purpose-built classrooms will be supplemented by hard courts and playground spaces that will creatively access and blend with the natural landscape to encourage outdoor exploration. The large site will also provide an outstanding opportunity to integrate elements of the outdoors into the curriculum with construction expected to take place in 2023.

As students reach Year 6, they can look forward to a guaranteed place at our Warragul Secondary School, one of Australia’s leading regional schools which consistently achieves the best VCE results in Gippsland.

To discover what is different about a St Paul’s education, please contact Ms Ashley Kershaw on 5623 5833 or via email akershaw@stpaulsags.vic.edu.au

Have questions?


What does the new campus offer that is unique to Drouin?
The new Primary School, including a Kindergarten offering full day sessions, will provide improved educational choice for parents who prioritise and value an outstanding learning environment. Extending beyond excellent classroom teaching, St Paul’s provides a regular opportunity for children to broaden their learning with specialist teachers in a range of areas including Japanese, Performing Arts (Music/Drama/Dance), Visual Arts, Sport and Library. In addition, students also participate in Chapel and Assembly activities.

St Paul’s encourages each and every student, supporting and celebrating the individual child in a strong partnership between students, parents and teachers. Through a myriad of co-curricular, service and leadership opportunities we encourage our students to develop resilience and confidence as they establish strong foundations that prepare them to navigate the challenges of adolescence.

How can I get to school?
A combination of bus services, including existing PTV and local school networks, will be available and will be regularly reviewed and expanded to meet enrolment demand.

Are there any differences in fees or uniform across the campuses?
No, fee levels and uniform will be the same across all campuses.

Is Before and After School Care offered at Drouin?
Yes, a Before and After School Care program will be offered at Drouin during term times to cater for families that have requirements for long day care.

How do you know which St Paul’s campus is right for you?
Families are welcome to choose the campus that best suits them; however, please keep in mind that transport services will not overlap and it may be easier to attend the campus closest to where you live. Upon graduating to secondary school, Drouin students will be transported daily to and from the Warragul Campus.

Where will my child attend secondary school?
Enrolment at St Paul’s is continuous from commencement through to Year 12. Students will be guaranteed a place for secondary schooling at our Warragul Secondary School.

Will a secondary school be built in Drouin?
At this stage, no plans have been developed to extend the Drouin Campus beyond Year 6. Should this be considered essential in the future, the existing thirty-six acre site will comfortably accommodate a secondary school.

What about older siblings in year levels not offered at Drouin?
Older siblings of students enrolled at Drouin will receive priority of enrolment at the Warragul Junior School (until such a time that the relevant year level is offered at the Drouin Campus). They will also receive priority of enrolment at our Warragul Secondary School.

How do I enrol my child?
Please contact Ms Ashley Kershaw via email akershaw@stpaulsags.vic.edu.au or phone 5623 5833 to discuss enrolment.