St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School Board

The Board is accountable to the Members of the Company, students, parents, staff and the whole school community for the conduct, performance and culture of St Paul’s.  The Board will steer the organisation through:

  • A strategic role – of setting the overall operational direction of St Paul’s; and
  • A stewardship role – of ensuring that St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School has arrangements in place to meet its obligations as an Independent School and that its activities reflect St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School’s values.

The School Board is committed to ensuring that the programs of and teaching in the School must support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  • Elected government
  • The rule of law
  • Equal rights for all before the law
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • The value of openness and tolerance

Roles and Duties of the Board

It is the role of the School Board to provide strategic guidance for the School and to effectively oversee and review the School’s management.  Governance practices require the School to formalise and disclose the roles and responsibilities of the School Board and its Members.

Please note, however, that all matters to do with the day-to-day operation of the School or management issues should be referred to the relevant senior staff member or ultimately to the Principal, Cameron Herbert, who can be contacted by telephone on 03 5623 5833 or email . The Board does not involve itself in specific management issues (such as discipline, the details of curriculum, staff concerns, or the payment of fees).

Board Directors:

Ms Tia Navanteri, Chair

21/07/2010 – PresentTia-Navanteri-2017

Tia Navanteri has over 20 years experience in natural resource management in the public sector and as a private consultant.   Tia has been Chair and member of two State Government Committees and has experience working in interagency teams on projects at regional and state level.  Tia currently provides consulting services on natural resource management for the public and private sector.


Mr Darren Jennings, Treasurer

Darren Jennings21/07/2010 – Present

Darren Jennings has over 20 years experience in superannuation, corporate tax and public practice tax and accounting.  Darren holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting, is a Chartered Accountant and currently the principal of an accounting firm based in Traralgon.



Mrs Kelly Vardy

Kelly has over 15 years experience in public practice accounting with a specific focus on SMEs and superannuation. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Economics and is a Chartered Accountant in a local Public Practice.

Kelly was raised and completed her studies in Gippsland and has a strong interest in the local community. She has three children who currently attend St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School.

Leanne Williams

LeanneWilliams_005 white backgroundLeanne is the CEO of West Gippsland Libraries and a Chartered Accountant. Leanne was an auditor for seven years and has worked in areas of economic development, risk, governance, OHS, IT and finance in Local Government.  Leanne has also held a number of volunteer board positions in the not for profit sector. Leanne is mum to three young children, with two currently enrolled in the Warragul Junior School.

Leanne is a dynamic and collaborative leader.  She is a problem solver and lateral thinker and leads by example.  Leanne believes the challenges we overcome in our lives make us stronger and women can be successful in their career and as a parent.  In fact she believes her children have made her a better leader and have set her on a journey of self-discovery.  Leanne says “It is not always easy and things don’t always go to plan. The important thing is to have people around you who can support you on your journey”.

Ondrej Foltin

Ofoltin_croppedOndrej Foltin is a career-long media professional working as a journalist, editor and publisher.

After a decade as the Head of Sport at the Herald Sun, including three Olympic Games, Ondrej has spent the past several years publishing magazines and developing corporate partnerships for News Victoria.

Originally from Geelong, Ondrej has lived in Warragul for six years and has two daughters currently attending St Paul’s.

Liesl McKay


Liesl is an experienced Senior Executive, with a strong background in public sector corporate regulation and change management, including leading the implementation of policy reforms into complex technology and service environments.

Most recently Liesl worked within the Australian Securities and Investments Commission where she was responsible for transforming  and modernising government business registration services, with a strong emphasis on cutting red tape for small businesses.

Liesl has grown up in the Gippsland region and is actively committed to contributing to the local community, including ensuring that the best educational, health and sporting opportunities are available to the youth of the region.  She has two sons, one who is attending St Paul’s, and is committed to working with the St Paul’s community to deliver exemplary education to benefit students and the community.

Liesl holds a Bachelor of Business degree, a Graduate Diploma in Organisation Behaviour, and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Richard Connelly, Bishop’s Representative

Richard has worked in the fields of child protection and social work prior to becoming a lawyer and working in the field of family law.

He spent most of his childhood in Gippsland and has three children attending St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School.

Richard holds the position as the Anglican Bishop’s representative and is a member of the Warragul Anglican Church.

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