Welcome from the Principal

Thank you for visiting our website.

As you read more about us, you will see that we use the term “My Place To Learn” when describing our school.  This is not just a marketing tag.  We want every child to feel safe, happy and respected as they learn and grow, and consequently feel that St Paul’s is indeed “their place”.

Our focus is on effort and growth in learning and bringing out the best in every student.  As you will see from our NAPLAN results, (available from the My School’s website) regardless of a child’s academic level when he or she joins us, we do make a difference well beyond what would usually be expected.

We also understand that not all learning can be measured through testing and that there is so much more to be considered when choosing a school.  Our students are recognised as confident, reliable and contributing members of their community.  Employers will often seek out a St Paul’s student for employment because of this reputation. As one local business owner said, “I haven’t met a bad one yet!”

Having graduates who are such fabulous young people does not happen by accident.  We are blessed to have a strong and supportive parent body, high-quality and committed teachers as well as students who are fresh and eager to learn.  Teachers who are new to our school often comment that they can “get on with teaching” rather than having to focus on behaviour management and addressing students who are disengaged.

As a school that seeks to bring out the best in every child, we also offer a wide range of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.  We have an enormous range of co-curricular activities available across the School and we offer opportunities for academic enrichment and support as necessary.  The School’s documented history is aptly titled “No Ordinary Days” which reflects the reality that there is always something new and exciting happening at St Paul’s.

You may also be interested to know that we are an accredited eSmart school, have been officially recognised by the Victorian Government for our commitment to creating a “health-promoting school” and we are working towards accreditation for our commitment to sustainability.

In addition, of course we approach all that we do with a Growth Mindset. There is nothing that any of us can’t do. A setback simply means that we may not be able to do it – yet!

We would love to show you our school!  Please feel free to make an appointment to come and have a look around.

Cameron Herbert, Principal