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Why St Paul’s?

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions any parent can make.

So why is St Paul’s different and why are we the school of choice for Gippsland families?


A strong focus on learning.

When your child joins St Paul’s you can be confident that our positive learning culture translates to an environment where teachers can focus on bringing out the best in every child and where children understand that they are at school to learn.  Our classrooms at every level are notable for the focus shown by the students and the enthusiasm for learning that exists.

A learning environment that focuses on effort.

No one understands the importance of effort and determination like the staff at St Paul’s.  From the early years right through to Year 12, we encourage a Growth Mindset and an understanding that with the right attitude anything is possible.  Time and time again our most successful graduates tell us that while they may not always have been the ‘most naturally gifted,’ their hard work and determination progressed them to where they wanted to go.

Safe, happy and respected - that's the St Paul's way.

Students at St Paul’s are known and highly regarded for their genuine care and compassion for others and their enthusiasm for all that they do.  Their love for the School is evident in the way they treat each other, respect their teachers and wholeheartedly contribute to their wider community.  While everyone will have challenging times, you can be sure that there will always be a community of support available.

Learning beyond the classroom.

Our students are offered the opportunity and encouragement to succeed as they engage in an extensive co-curricular program of sporting, music, performing arts, personal development, outdoor education, visual arts and cultural activities.  In addition, our secondary students have numerous opportunities to experience the world.  Current programs include service tours to Rwanda and East Timor, and study and cultural tours to Japan and France.

An outstanding record of success.

We understand what it takes to have a student achieve all of which he or she is capable.  As a consequence, we have a proven track record for VCE excellence and an outstanding record of tertiary placement for all VCE students regardless of their ATAR score or area of interest.  Of course, success starts early and our NAPLAN results (available from the My School website), show that regardless of a child’s academic level when he or she joins us, the St Paul’s staff do make a difference for their future.

eSmart accreditation.

We are mindful of the importance of instilling an understanding of good digital citizenship and have created an expectation of smart, safe and responsible use of information and communication technology through targeted programs in the academic and pastoral curricula.  We are very proud to be an accredited eSmart school from ELC to Year 12.

Health promoting school.

As part of the Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program, St Paul’s has been officially recognised as the first Secondary School in Victoria to complete the Coordinate stage of the Achievement Program by the Victorian Government for our commitment to developing a ‘health promoting school.’  The program encourages a holistic view of health for children, families, staff and the entire school community and supports schools to create healthy environments for learning, working and living.  St Paul’s is actively involved in delivering the program and our menus at both campus canteens are fully compliant with the ‘Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy.’

Not only is St Paul’s improving the overall approach to wellbeing, but students are also developing healthy behaviours that will support their wellbeing throughout life.

An executive staff ready to listen and respond.

Our leadership team is committed to continual improvement and provides regular opportunities for parents to get involved with the School and to meet with and discuss matters with the members of the Executive team.  Whether it be one on one meetings, attendance at a parent forum, presentations by visiting experts or casual conversations at a school event, the Executive team make themselves available to parents and students alike.

St Paul’s is a place of friendship, support and inspiration.