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Class of 2006 – Dane Roy


Class of 2006 Alumnus, Dane Roy, started at St Paul’s as a Year 7 student and remembers enjoying the school assembly on a Friday. Now, in 2018, he is living in Texas in the USA and is about to start his third year studying communications on a full scholarship at the University of Houston.

At St Paul’s Dane was involved in many co-curricular activities that included football, cricket, athletics and the Chapel Choir and sees graduating school as a great achievement.

Since graduating from St Paul’s Dane has followed different career avenues.  Dane said “I did a course at Holmesglen TAFE in 2007 while playing TAC cup football for Gippsland Power. I then had random jobs until 2015 when I started work as a sales rep for Peters Ice Cream, and at the same time learnt how to punt an American Football which then gave me the opportunity to move to the USA and play college football, while studying all on a scholarship”.

To get into college in the USA to play college football he had to take the SAT, a college admissions test in the USA and now gets flown all over America to play football in front of crowds of around 70,000.

When we asked him why he chose to change his career pathway he said “I needed to do something about my future as I wasn’t happy with how things were going. My fiancée told me I should be the best I can be”.

When we asked him about his college football experience and what he enjoyed the most he said he enjoyed “that I am in a foreign country and bettering myself every day, and setting my future up”.

The most challenging things he finds now about playing college football is being away from family, but outside of studies and football he also enjoys golf, cooking and making videos.

Dane returned to St Paul’s in Term 2, 2018 to visit students enrolled in the St Paul’s Elite Sports Performers (ESP) Program and spoke to students about his journey in sport, whilst providing a valuable message to the students – that they should make the most of their opportunities when they could.

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