St Paul’s has two uniform shops that are located at the Warragul and Traralgon campuses. All uniform requirements are stocked in both new and second hand. The Uniform Shop specialises in advice from professional staff aided by students.

Payment may be made by credit card, eftpos, cheque or cash. Phone payments (credit card) are also available. For students shopping independently please ring with credit card details before your child visits. This avoids a phone call to you at an inconvenient time and helps us to streamline our service during the busy times of the day when students call in.

Our Uniform Policies for each school can be downloaded by clicking on the images below:


Warragul Dobsons Trading Hours

The Warragul Dobsons shop is located in the area under the Warragul Secondary School Library.  Their direct telephone number is: 5622 6152 and email is: spw@dobsons.com.au

Dobsons Warragul normal trading hours:

Warragul Dobsons Standard Hours

Click on the image below to expand the map for the location of Dobsons at the Warragul Campus.Dobsons Warragul Map Small

Traralgon Dobsons Trading Hours

The Traralgon Dobsons shop is located as part of the School’s Gymnasium building and access to the shop is via the pathway to the left of the building (southern side).

Dobsons Traralgon normal trading hours:

Traralgon Dobsons Standard HoursClick on the image below to expand the map for the location of Dobsons at the Traralgon Campus.Dobsons Traralgon Map Small

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