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Academic Enrichment

Empowering students to reach their full potential.

St Paul’s provides a range of opportunities for academic enrichment.  The primary focus of our teachers is to differentiate every lesson every day, so that academic enrichment happens where the majority of the learning takes place, in the classroom in core subject areas.  However, we also offer a wide range of enrichment activities that further allow our students to laterally and sequentially develop their talents as well as areas for improvement.

At the Junior Schools academic enrichment occurs in a variety of ways: during classroom lessons or via external competitions and lunchtime clubs.  Some of the wide range of opportunities available to students include: Tournament of Minds, Maths Olympiads, Writing and Mathematics Competitions, Robotics, Vicspell, Premier’s Reading Challenge, ICAS Competitions or Gateways Challenges.

At our Secondary Schools enrichment programs in subjects such as Mathematics and English allow students to work with like-minded peers to explore core concepts in greater depth or to undertake interest-based projects.  In a small-group setting, the facilitating teachers challenge students to stretch their thinking in different ways. Participation in a variety of competitions and special programs offered by local universities and organisations is also encouraged. Amongst these, the ICAS Computer Science, English, Writing and Science competitions are very popular, as are the Australian Mathematics Trust Competitions and extension activities.  By Year 10, a number of students begin their VCE studies and elect to complete a unit of work that is a year ahead of their class group.

Students who are several years ahead of their peers in different academic areas are catered for individually and provided with the academic challenges they need to stretch their talents.

St Paul’s imbues its learning culture with Growth Mindset, based on the research of Dr Carol Dweck.  As such, we aim to develop in every child the belief that learning success is the result of effort and persistence, not natural talent.  Our classroom differentiation and out of class enrichment programs therefore supplement this belief by providing opportunities for academic growth for all students and by focusing on the notion that the more time spent on something the greater the mastery.