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Head of Careers


At St Paul’s, your child has access to a dedicated Careers Professional.  Deb Cumming, Head of Careers, is responsible for providing students and parents up-to-date information on courses, apprenticeships, pathways, career possibilities and career opportunities.

Deb also provides information on individual career research and planning, subject selection and how it relates to various higher education courses, and introducing various careers that students may not be aware of.

Year 12 students receive individual counselling from Deb on post-VCE options and pathways into universities, TAFEs and the workforce, assisting where she can to provide the best possible outcome for each student.

St Paul’s is so lucky to have this amazing professional! – Liz, parent

Deb compiles a fortnightly Careers newsletter that provides students and parents with upcoming events such as university open days, along with an abundance of careers advice.

Deb also ensures that there is always a wide range of materials available to all students on tertiary education, employment and training in the Careers office.


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