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Year 10 Careers Conference

Careers-Conference-2The three-day Year 10 Careers Conference at Phillip Island allows students to engage in a number of workshops and activities that explore their skills, attributes, careers and information to assist in choosing their subjects for VCE and pathways that might be the right ‘fit’ for them. They are also prepped for VCE with an understanding of the requirements of their final years at school.

The students also participate in a group ‘Pitch’ where the brief is to come up with a product or problem and devise a solution that then can be ‘sold’ to their audience, bringing out the ingenuity, creativity and technical skills of students.

As part of the conference, students also explore options for post VCE and discuss what and where might be a ‘good fit’ for each person – choices that can be made for pathways, future jobs and careers.


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