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Balance your sporting commitments with school – ESP Program

Are you someone who performs your chosen sport at a State, National or International level and is struggling to find the balance between the demands of school, sport and life?  The St Paul’s ESP Program can help you to find the balance and achieve the best that you can be in all areas.

The St Paul’s ESP Program will give you support when you need it the most and help you to manage your school load while benefiting from the unique partnership St Paul’s has with the Australian Institute of Sport.  St Paul’s is the first school in Australia to offer myAISbasecamp to our ESP students which is developed and delivered by the AIS for Australia’s leading athletes and our ESP students have an Elite Athlete Camp at the AIS every two years.

Currently with over 60 students in the ESP Program, St Paul’s offers flexible curriculum options to reduce your school load if required while still achieving your academic goals; provides an experienced staff member to help you cope in times of higher stress; ensures that you are exposed to the latest speakers and research for student athletes; all whilst being surrounded by a network of student athletes who understand what your commitments are.

What professional elite athletes say about the program:

What professional elite athetes say about the program:

If you would like to find out more about how St Paul’s can help you ‘find the balance’ and achieve excellence in your chosen sport and at school, then please enquire below and our ESP Coordinator will be in touch to discuss the program further.

ESP Program – Student Enquiry

Below is a gallery of just some of the sports our ESP students participate in at a State, National or International level: