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Knowing another language opens new horizons in our own country and internationally.

French and Japanese are the two additional languages taught at St Paul’s.

At St Paul’s we offer Languages from Year 3-6 at our Junior School campuses and from Year 7-12 at secondary level.  We have an extensive and exciting program of activities and accomplished specialist staff.

In addition, St Paul’s also offers a study tour programs to its secondary school students to both Japan and France.  These programs are with schools with whom St Paul’s shares a long-standing and rich partnership.  Consequently, they offer our students the invaluable opportunity to travel overseas and live with a host family, as well as to host a student in return.

Some students also undertake Language studies in Indonesian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and Latin for the pleasure and challenge, or to maintain their family language and cultural heritage.  These, and many other languages, are supported by St Paul’s and offered by Distance Education through the Victorian School of Languages.