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Teacher Profile | Anne Davies


Head of Performing Arts and Library and Pastoral Care Coordinator

Warragul Junior School

The students and families make it a great place to work.

Anne has been teaching at St Paul’s since 1998. Before coming to St Paul’s she taught in several schools in Melbourne and was also a Department Curriculum Consultant. Anne and the former St Paul’s Principal, Mr Richard Prideaux wrote the words to the School song together, which is still sung by all of our students today. Anne was key in developing the Library and Performing Arts Department at the Warragul Junior School. Forming a formidable team with Andie Browne from the Warragul Junior School, Anne and Andie began writing musicals for the Junior School together in 1994. Anne loves the musical they wrote called Rats but her all-time favourite musical is Circus Splendiferous which the Warragul Junior School performed in September 2017.

We asked Anne few questions about her teaching…

What do you like most about St Paul’s?

“The students and their families, the level of pastoral care and the different programs we offer.”

What do you think is different about St Paul’s from other schools?

“The students and families make it a great place to work. I also think that our Performing Arts Program is very different. We are lucky to have a music, dance and drama teacher, and our students respond so positively to the opportunities they are offered. Our specialist program itself is wonderful. The staff members are very supportive and the way in which everyone pitches in to help is second to none.”

What do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

“Seeing young people developing their sense of self and discovering what they are capable of doing.”

Anne has a huge love for Performing Arts. “I am so lucky to be a part of this program. Watching our Year 2s in the Strings Program and the Year 5s in the Brass and Woodwind Program is especially rewarding. Learning an instrument has so many benefits and it is great to be able to offer these opportunities. Also, having a dance and a drama teacher enables us to work closely with the students in smaller groups at all year levels, which allows the students to experience so many different skills. Every year the students get so much out of their participation in the Performing Arts Concert and the Musical. Whilst they are all achieving at an individual level, they are also experiencing working as part of a team.”

Anne has a strong intellectual and academic background to her learning that translates into her practice. Passionate about the value and benefits that learning music can have on children and how it can enhance learning, Anne uses a range of tuned instruments in her classroom program – ukuleles, guitars, recorders, angklungs or ‘unklungs’, glockenspiels, xylophones, marimbas and boomwhackers. She was also instrumental in implementing the Year 2 Strings and Year 5 Brass and Woodwind programs. “The effect of learning an instrument has been described as setting off fireworks in the brain. Neural pathways are crossed between the left and right sides and this benefits development in coordination, organisation as well as general cognitive development.”

Anne is viewed by her peers as an outstanding educator but it is also her compassion and concern for the wellbeing of others; be it students, staff or families that really shines through. Anne is a valued member of staff who often puts the needs of others before her own. Her friendly, warm and kind approach is appreciated by all and Anne is often the first one to lend a hand when required. She is a real gem and asset to the Junior School! Outside of work Anne enjoys going to live shows, reading and spending time with her family. Something that many may not know about Anne is that she used to play A grade basketball at Albert Park! While short in stature she made up for this with speed, bravery and heart!

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