Teacher Profile | Belinda Fitzpatrick

BF (2)

Teacher of English and Humanities to Years 7 to 12 students

Warragul Secondary School

I enjoy the small successes the best. It’s so rewarding when a student gains new skills and knowledge or masters a topic they’ve been working on.

Belinda studied her Bachelor of Education in Melbourne and she completed her final placement at St Paul’s before completing her degree. Belinda has now taught at St Paul’s for two years.

We asked Belinda a few questions about her teaching…

What do you like most about St Paul’s?

“From my first day of placement in 2014 until now, I have been blown away by how supportive and welcoming the entire school community, including staff, students and parents, have been.”

What subjects are you most passionate about and why?

“I’m currently studying to also become a Mathematics teacher and have looked closely at technology-based subjects, such as coding which are predicted to become a cornerstone of education in our increasingly digital world. I’m really excited to see how these units will be integrated into the curriculum and classroom in the future and what impact they will have on traditional Mathematics teaching.”

What do you think is different about St Paul’s from other schools?

“I think the biggest difference between St Paul’s and other schools is the atmosphere in the classroom and around the School. It is a really positive environment to work and learn in. The teachers work hard to provide the best learning experience for their students, and the students, in turn, are always eager to improve their skills and are appreciative of their teachers and peers. I can remember being really surprised on my first day teaching on placement by how many kids thanked me at the end of the lesson. It’s such a small thing, but it says a lot about the students we have at St Paul’s.”

And finally, what do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

“I think the best thing about being a teacher is seeing your students’ knowledge and skills develop across the time you work with them. It is always such a thrill when I have a student connect with the content they’re studying or when they are grappling with a difficult topic and have that light bulb moment where all the hard work comes together. I also really enjoy just getting to know my students and learn about their interests. It’s lovely being greeted on a Monday morning by students who want to discuss how their netball game went or check how far I made it through a book they’ve recommended.”

Outside of work Belinda’s life is filled with work and study but whenever she gets the chance she loves to catch up with
friends and loves to read, hike, cook and travel. Belinda is recognised by her peers for being a hard-working and dedicated teacher. She develops strong relationships with her students and is respected amongst the teaching staff for her knowledge and professionalism.

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