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Teacher Profile | Brad Kooloos

Head of Year 11

Warragul Secondary School

Brad has been teaching at St Paul’s for fourteen years. This includes being the Head of Sport for many years and now as the Head of Year 11. Before coming to St Paul’s he was a freelance Outdoor Education and Recreation guide and tour guide. He worked for a range of schools and companies throughout Victoria and NSW with clients that ranged from primary to secondary and university, corporate, youth at risk and international guests.

We asked Brad some questions about his teaching…

What do you like about St Paul’s?

“The opportunities available for both students and staff. Students have a great variety of subjects and co-curricular activities to try, including international learning experiences and these lead to so many exciting career paths. In my time at St Paul’s I have been successful in a variety of roles and I have had the chance to grow professionally and personally in these positions.”

What do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

“I really enjoy the interaction with young adults and being able to challenge them to improve both academically and personally and be a part of their journey at St Paul’s.”

Brad has a huge love for sport and outdoor recreation. “They are both my passion and my subject area. I get a sense of achievement and pride when I have the opportunity to share my love of the outdoors with my students and see them learn and practice their new found skills in the environment and in sport.”

He has been involved in a large range of co-curricular activities at St Paul’s, some of which include: Coaching roles in tennis, football, soccer, hockey, boys netball, athletics, cycling and Youth Adventure Challenge. Other co-curricular activities include Nationals Basketball, Kanga Cup, Great Victorian Bike Ride, snow sports, Central Australia, Hawaii Netball, French Exchange, Japanese Exchange, Scuba diving course and Vanuatu scuba diving.

Here are some things Brad’s peers said about him…

“Brad is a dedicated and passionate teacher who inspires students with his love of the outdoors, physical education and health. Brad teaches subjects and runs many co-curricular activities that often appeal to a specific set of skills such as the Youth Adventure Challenge and Snow Sports. His diverse range of skills allows St Paul’s to run these activities and cater to the students who share his passions.”

“Brad is a compassionate and very well respected Head of Year 11. His ability to foster meaningful relationships and guide students through this important time sets them up for their final years of schooling.”

“Brad Kooloos is a huge asset to St Paul’s. He is a very dedicated and passionate educator, who goes out of his way to provide opportunities for our students in a range of areas, both within and outside of the school curriculum. He is a wonderful role model to the students. He wants them to fulfil their potential and always encourages them to reach higher in their goals and personal behaviour.  In this way he allows them to prove to themselves that they can do what they thought they could not. We are very lucky to have him at St Paul’s.”

Outside of work Brad has a passion for water sports. “This is a family activity that has continued since I was a little boy in Finley. Now, my own family take every opportunity to get on the water together. The wake skate and slalom would have to be my favourite apparatuses. I also enjoy spending time on my property, building projects in my shed and catching up with friends.”

And something that many may not know about Brad… he would like to ride his jet ski to Tasmania one day!

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