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Teacher Profile | Scott Armour


Head of Year 8, Warragul Secondary School and St Paul’s Elite Sports Performers Program Coordinator.

“I think that the opportunities available for the students at St Paul’s are fantastic both in subjects offered, co-curricular, tours, trips and exchanges.”

Warragul Campus

Scott taught at St Paul’s from 1996 to 2002 and then again from 2012 until now. He is a St Paul’s Alumnus who graduated in 1991. A Year 12 Prefect, some of Scott’s fondest memories of being a student at St Paul’s are the fact that the school was small at the time so everyone knew everyone and the students also knew the teachers really well. “Playing interschool sport didn’t happen very often so when it did it was great. Trevor Orman was the PE teacher and suggested that I would make a good teacher which I hadn’t thought of. He played a big role as a mentor.”

When Scott finished university he taught at St Paul’s for seven years. “I then moved to Melbourne and taught for ten years at Camberwell Grammar, MLC, Genazzano, FCJ College and then Scotch College for seven years. My wife and I decided to move back to the country to bring up our family but only on the condition that I could get to teach at St Paul’s as it was the only school I wanted to work at in the region.”

We asked Scott a few questions about his teaching…

What do you like most about St Paul’s?

“It is a great school with a great feel, the people are really motivated to get the best out of the students and the students are fantastic. They are really genuine and hardworking kids. I think that the opportunities available for the students at St Paul’s are fantastic both in subjects offered, co-curricular, tours, trips and exchanges. For a small town school we are able to offer very similar to what big Melbourne schools can offer.”

What do you think is different about St Paul’s to other schools?

“The way the students are looked after here in terms of pastoral care – there is a big focus at St Paul’s on getting to know the student and supporting the student. St Paul’s realises that there is more to school than just what happens in class. The school also recognises and supports the talents of students, one example being the ESP Program for student athletes but St Paul’s also supports children in whatever their interests or talents may be so they can also excel outside of the classroom for example Human Powered Vehicle, dance, drama etc.”

What subjects are you most passionate about and why?

“Physical education and health. I like being able to contribute to educate about healthy behaviours that will assist the students throughout life. Being able to share the belief of the huge benefits involved in physical activity whether it be social, emotional or physical.”

What was your motivation to start the ESP Program at St Paul’s?

“I enjoy working with young athletes as I admire their commitment to their sport. In 2005 I did a course at the AIS – Graduate Certificate in Careers Counselling for Elite Sports Performers as I have always had an interest in the welfare of athletes. The St Paul’s ESP Program started in 2012. I was teaching a student who went to the Olympic trials for swimming and she was trying to manage her homework and school load just like all of her peers but was required to be training morning and night. People like her needed an extra avenue for support. St Paul’s got right behind the idea of the program and we now support over sixty student athletes who compete in their chosen sport at either State, National or International level.”

And finally, what do you enjoy most about being a teacher? 

“Watching students develop over time and knowing that I am playing a role in that.”

Scott’s peers describe him as “A highly respected member of the school community. His passion for coaching students in all areas (academic, resilience and sport) is evident in all he does. His high personal standards of respect, compassion and integrity make him a superb role-model for our students and an asset to our school.”

ESP students have a great rapport with Mr Armour and appreciate the fabulous work he does to help them to balance their school work with their sporting commitments. Scott also loves going to the football and coaching.

Scott is currently the Head Coach at Gippsland Power Youth Girls Academy as well as Warranor U10 Coach and match day assistant for Garfield Football Club. He is also the Gippsland Power U16 and U18 pre-season satellite coach for the West Gippsland region.

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