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Teacher Profile | Traceye Rapinett


Year 5 teacher and STEM Coordinator

Warragul Junior School

I think teaching would have to be one of the best careers in the world.

This is Traceye’s second year teaching at St Paul’s.  She grew up wanting to be a cabinet maker and chose Materials and Technology subjects until her Year 12 English teacher convinced her to undertake studies in Education.  She started her teaching career as a Physical Education and ICT specialist and also taught Inquiry Learning, Robotics and Mathematics.

We asked Traceye a few questions about her teaching…

What do you like most about St Paul’s?

“There are so many things I like about working at St Paul’s.  The two stand outs are the genuine community spirit in the School and the Community Service Programs the students are involved in. The core values of the School, Wisdom, Integrity, Compassion and Respect are another aspect of St Paul’s that I like.  They are the same values my parents raised my sister and I with as children and young adults, and they are also some of the values I studied throughout my Martial Arts training so I feel a strong connection with the School, its vision and ethos.”

What do you think is different about St Paul’s from other schools?

“St Paul’s offers a wide range of curriculum programs to engage and challenge every student regardless of their learning style and ability.  Our school has a unique approach with regard to the Community Service Program and the expectations we have that all staff and students make a contribution and give back to others.”

What subjects are you most passionate about and why?

“This year I have the privilege of teaching the students and teachers at St Paul’s a new curriculum program STEM.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  As a part of this program I will teach students Robotics, Coding and Design Technology.  I am passionate about these subjects because they are hands on and challenging.  I love the feeling when I see a child make a breakthrough when programming a robot or discovering a solution to a complex problem.”

And finally, what do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

“I think teaching would have to be one of the best careers in the world.  What other job gives you the opportunity to teach and learn from your students, where no two days are ever the same.”

Traceye has a very successful past teaching Robotics.  She led a team of junior students from two combined schools to compete in the First Lego League Competition, ‘Nature’s Fury’.  After months of training, hard work and dedication by the team they progressed through to win the Australian Championships in Sydney and then went on to represent Australia at the World Championships in Pamplona, Spain.  The team placed 16th which was an outstanding achievement considering most of the teams were secondary students.

Following on from this success, they then competed the following year at the First Lego League ‘Trash Trek’ Competition.  Traceye led a team of students from a variety of schools from the local Casey community. They progressed through to the Australian Championships and won awards for the best technically designed robot and best performing robot.   They were then invited to represent Australia at the Asian Pacific Championships in Sydney.  The children worked extremely hard on their robot design and programming to win the Robot Performance Award.  These outstanding achievements were made by eight students in Year 3 to Year 7 and Traceye says it is one of the highlights of her career.

This year St Paul’s will not only be participating in but will also be hosting the Regional Robotics Competition called RoboCup on 17 June.  This competition is on a smaller scale to the FLL Competition, however the children will still need to apply the same Robotics programming and design principles in order to come up with a successful solution.

Traceye’s peers describe her as extremely passionate. ‘Traceye builds a wonderful rapport with every student in her care and her passion for teaching, STEM and Robotics is contagious.  Her passion for teaching and working with young people shines through in all of her interactions with both students and staff.’

She is also known for being extremely well organised and someone who often goes above and beyond what is expected of her in her role.

Outside of work Traceye loves spending time with her family, in particular her Nonna and Niece and Nephew.  She likes movies and coffee with friends and has enjoyed travelling to different countries all around the world.  She is an avid gardener and regularly trains at the gym and practises her martial arts skills and katas.

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