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Pastoral care

The pastoral care of students is the focus of each school day.

Carefully constructed structures are in place to support the wellbeing of all of our students.  The Traralgon Secondary School offers a unique environment which allows staff to work very closely together to ensure every student feels valued and that the learning culture we offer is positive and caring.  In addition, all students are encouraged to commit to a Growth Mindset and embrace learning as a challenge that will continue to strengthen their minds and skills.  A range of co-curricular and wellbeing programs are combined with our academic curriculum to facilitate this goal.

Students are placed in a Mentor Group with a dedicated mentor teacher who takes a personal interest in each student within their care.  Our Pastoral curriculum taught by the mentor teacher includes a dedicated course which teaches students personal development and life skills targeted specifically to their age and needs.

Students interact with their counterparts in all year levels through the House System and take part in a wide range of cultural, spiritual and sporting activities which encourages social interaction and cohesion.

The pastoral care of students is the focus of each school day.  Understanding the ‘whole’ child creates a stronger bond between the students and staff.

Communication with parents, through the diary system, email, telephone, Student Led Conferences and Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews (PSTIs) ensures that parents are kept informed and are very much a part of their child’s education.


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