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Horizon Centre

St Paul’s Horizon Centre – Enriching the learning experience for Junior School students

The Horizon Centre at St Paul’s Warragul Junior School is a unique learning centre where students can be found in small groups of 10 to 12 focusing on Maths and Literacy up to twice a week for an hour at a time.  Whilst support and enrichment occurs in every classroom at St Paul’s, the Horizon Centre further enhances classroom learning, for students with differing needs by offering additional individualised support, extension and enrichment classes for selected students.

We recognise that some students require a greater amount of support or differentiation in pace, level, and content from the regular curriculum.

The Horizon Centre hosts small groups of Maths and Literacy classes for Prep to Year 6 students.  The teacher works closely with these students to equip them with strategies to use back in their classroom.

We recognise that every student has individual strengths and it is important to identify and foster these strengths in all of our students.

Enrichment classes are also a focus at the the Horizon Centre. They aim to foster and develop the abilities of selected students.  Students are provided with an opportunity to extend their learning through a program that brings together English, Integrated Studies and Technology.  The students in the enrichment class are currently developing their creative skills as well as their knowledge by producing short videos on iPads.  This particular class is offered to certain Years 3 to 6 students and helps to broaden language skills, research skills, technical know-how and presentation skills.

An experienced teacher is there to support the students, as well as reinforce the work being done in the classrooms.

Mrs Lois Smethurst, the Head of Teaching and Learning at the Warragul Junior School, joined St Paul’s at the start of 2015 and believes the programs at the Horizon Centre offer many wonderful opportunities to the students who participate weekly.

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