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Pastoral care

Understanding the ‘whole’ child creates greater bonds between staff and students.

The pastoral care of students in the Junior School is a focus of each school day.  Understanding the ‘whole’ child creates greater bonds between staff and students.  Further, positive student behaviour is developed through a restorative approach to discipline by restoring and building relationships.

Staff work together to ensure that all students in the Junior School feel safe, happy and valued, and that the learning environment we offer is positive and caring.  Our teachers provide innovative learning experiences which foster skills, values and attitudes that provide students with a life-long love of learning.  All students are encouraged to achieve ‘”personal excellence” within their individual set of abilities.  Children are all involved in circle activities to help develop a sense of belonging and worth within their class

We place major emphasis on demonstrating Christian values, morals, tolerance and good manners.  As well, we expect students to show each other, and their peers, the utmost respect and courtesy.  Teachers monitor the children in class and at school activities and the wellbeing of students is discussed and monitored in whole staff, area and teaching team meetings.

We are in transition to becoming a KidsMatter School.  There are four areas of focus:  developing a positive school community, social and emotional learning for students, working with parents and carers and helping children who experience mental health difficulties.

Parents play a vital role in this area by communicating with their child’s teacher, either via the diary, meetings or through phone calls.

Pastoral Care Overview

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