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Laptop program

Providing for an efficient means of communication and learning in the 21st century.

Laptops and associated technologies have the potential to transform teaching and learning through activities such as making short films, researching the latest information and connecting your child to students around Victoria, Australia and the world.

Using the laptops, students and staff can access MyStPauls, the School’s online Learning Management System.  MyStPauls complements the existing school curriculum by providing digital learning tools that link in with planned classroom activities.  This allows students to further their learning through technology at school and at home, foster collaboration and teamwork and encourage shared learning experiences.

The St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School Laptop Program will provide students with laptops for a 1-to-1 learning environment.  1-to-1 learning is where each student and teacher has one internet-connected wireless computing device for use in the classroom and at home providing for an efficient means of communication.


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