Year 9 Program

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Year 9 courtyard

The Miller’s Factory Year 9 Centre has been developed to meet the particular needs of adolescents by offering a distinct space and a specialised curriculum.  All Warragul campus Year 9 students are based at the converted factory for the duration of the year.  The students move between campuses to take advantage of specialised facilities for Arts/Technology subjects and for certain formal events.

Throughout the year, students are asked to consider their own values and expectations, as well as to consider their role within our immediate community and then how they can contribute as a global citizen.  There is an ongoing emphasis on considering individual responsibility as well as promoting an understanding of the social responsibility students have to their community.

The Personal Development Program is designed to be an exciting and inspiring academic, physical, spiritual and emotional journey for our students and addresses four specific areas:

  • Careers Program
  • Community Service
  • City Experience
  • Outdoor Education

The structure of the Personal Development Program links in effectively with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which all Year 9 students are invited to complete.

Map of the Miller’s Factory Year 9 Centre

Miller's Factory Year 9 Centre



Our Year 9 program provides students with a unique opportunity to combine strong core academic learning with an engaging personal development program designed to extend, challenge and encourage students to learn in new ways.  It allows time for students to consider ‘big questions’ and to identify and explore natural interrelationships between topics and subjects.  Through the delivery of our core subjects and our thematic based ‘Thinking and Learning’ units we give our students the opportunity to research the historical, geographical, political, social, scientific and health aspects of a particular topic.  Some of these units are of a more open ended nature, giving students the choice of how to research the topic and present their understanding.  The aim of these units is to provide self-directed projects where students can demonstrate what they know, imagine and can do well as contributing in a meaningful way to their local and broader communities.  They will develop their own understanding of their place in their communities through independent learning, collaboration and community service.

One of the strengths of our campus is the small team and the strong sense of community we foster.  Our students enjoy this every year they are on our campus.  Our students know all of their teachers very well and equally, our staff know the students exceptionally well.  The ability to foster meaningful relationships with adults and students is a key developmental stage for adolescents and our specialised middle school environment is the perfect setting for this stage in our students’ journey.