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St Paul’s 2017 Presentation Ball breaks tradition

Date: May 5, 2017


The 2017 Presentation Ball at St Paul’s broke tradition with students ‘presented’ beyond the traditional format of female and male pairs.

While the school has always emphasised that the Presentation Ball is an opportunity for all involved (both boys and girls) to be acknowledged, this year students had a choice as to whether they are presented as a group of two couples or a friendship group of up to seven.

Although there were a number of ‘traditional’ groups, there were also girls only groups, some trios, and bigger mixed groups. “The change is in keeping with the School’s desire to be an inclusive, welcoming environment for all”, said Principal Lisa Moloney. “We are thrilled to see a number of students who would not otherwise have participated enjoying the opportunity to be involved and eagerly looking forward to the evening. The event will now be a celebration of all young people and an opportunity for us to acknowledge each one’s importance in our School community.”

Choreographer Rhonda McDonald and Presentation Ball Coordinator Christie Bransgrove worked together to choreograph the night and are very excited about the new fresh approach and the creativity that this has allowed in the choreography. Students rehearsed weekly for most of the year and had a wonderful evening demonstrating their dancing skills at the ball which was held on Saturday 22 April at Lardner Park.