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St Paul’s canteen – re-‘fresh’ed

Date: May 25, 2017

As a part of St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School’s commitment to being a health promoting school under the Victorian Government’s Healthy Achievement Program, there have been some exciting changes to the School’s canteen at the Warragul Campus.

The School has employed Ann Vanderzalm, a qualified chef, as the food services manager who is passionate about sourcing healthy, seasonal and local produce and providing students with a great variety of healthy and tasty food options at the canteen.

Some of Ann’s previous roles within the community include manager of the cooking school at String & Salt, the restaurant manager at Big Spoon Little Spoon, and chef at Brandy Creek Winery, Chambers restaurant and The Grange Cafe.

The food produced through the canteen is all homemade and supplied fresh from local suppliers that include Morlands Meats, Lean and Green, Gippsland Jersey Milk, Armours Apples and Lucky Cluckers Eggs.

Ann uses seasonal produce and with the months getting colder is making a lot of pumpkin soup and corn on the cob as well as fresh apple juice and fruit smoothies.

One of the most popular items sold from the canteen since it was revamped at the beginning of Term 2 has been sushi rolls which are made by Yukiko Cheswick who comes in to make the authentic Japanese sushi.

St Paul’s joined the Victorian Government’s Achievement Program in 2013 and has been working to achieve best practice in eight health and wellbeing priority areas. The ultimate aim of the Achievement Program is to help improve student, staff and family wellbeing and engagement and in turn create a positive learning and working environment.

St Paul’s health and wellbeing team has worked together with a number of health professionals including Angela Greenall Health Promotion Officer at West Gippsland Healthcare Group. Angela says “Our community partnership began by reviewing best-practice benchmarks for each health area and provided a framework for improving health and wellbeing.  The great work that St Paul’s was already doing in these areas has been reviewed and built upon.  We are very pleased that St Paul’s has achieved recognition in 7/8 priority areas and will shortly be applying for recognition as the first secondary school in Victoria to achieve all priority areas.”

A competition was open to students in Term 1 to name the canteen and the canteen will be called ‘Tastebuds’.

St Paul’s is excited to offer these healthy and delicious choices to their students.