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The first school in Australia… St Paul’s launches Australian Institute of Sport eLearning program for student athletes

Date: July 18, 2017

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School is excited to be the first school in Australia to recently launch ‘myAISbasecamp’ as a part of the School’s Elite Sports Performers (ESP) Program.

With Campuses in Warragul and Traralgon in Gippsland, St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School has been building relationships with the Australian Institute of Sport to offer further support and development of the students enrolled in their Elite Sports Performers program.

An online program based on best-practice specific to maximising athlete development, myAISbasecamp aims to prepare pre-elite athletes for high performance sport through educational and physical sessions that are fun and challenging in the five key areas of athlete development: Strength Training Technique; Postural Strength; Ball Skills; Running Technique; and Athlete Lifestyle and Skills.  myAISbasecamp will also provide the students with educational courses on psychology, nutrition, recovery, physical preparation, personal excellence and video analysis.  The program is currently being used by several National Sporting Organisations.

The content presented within myAISbasecamp has been developed by highly experienced practitioners at the AIS who have worked alongside some of the best athletes in the world, with each module having been reviewed by leading industry experts.  ESP staff members Mr Scott Armour and Mrs Sandra Timmer-Arends will be trained by the AIS to be myAISbasecamp managers. They will oversee the program and its use by the St Paul’s students.

With currently over 60 students in the ESP Program at St Paul’s, the program aims to assist young athletes competing at a State, National or International level in their chosen sport to balance the demands of school with their sporting commitments.  The introduction of myAISbasecamp is expected to revolutionise the support provided to these students to assist them to reach their full potential at sport and at school.

The introduction last year of the Smartabase Athlete Monitoring Software (also used by the AIS) as well as the introduction of myAISbasecamp sees St Paul’s lead the way in supporting and developing their elite student athletes.


St Paul’s ESP students dressed in their many elite sporting uniforms with ESP Coordinator Scott Armour and Principal Lisa Moloney at the launch of the ‘myAISbasecamp’ program.